Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My time and thoughts of House Arrest.

  Your home is the jail.

   My charges are public information, yet I will let you know now, the charges are non-violent misdemeanors. It is long and stupid. I don't like it, and it is what it is.  
   Outside the door is an escape, or the authorized private company that has put you on electronic monitoring likes to call it absconding. Which can be a felony. One can have authorized away from jail; such as work, grocery store, doctors appointments. In my case, I am retired and disabled. I have no job so, therefore, I am in the jail, a lot. Netflix is boring, so is Amazon Prime. Akin to really boring.
   A private company has been authorized by the court to oversee my house arrest. I like to call it big boy babysitting. My babysitting company allows me only one grocery store trip per week. I live in the rural and my mailbox is about, more or less, one thousand foot from my jail. I can check my mail daily. I have a water well which I use for washing water. I also have a water cistern that has fresh potable water for drinking that is store bought. Anyone with a water well pump knows it needs sometimes constant troubleshooting and then there are times when the damn thing runs smoothly for weeks.
   The babysitting company wants me to check mail and do all the unforeseen maintenance that one time out while checking the mail. Being a Chief Engineer in my latter employed years and always in the Industrial Maintenance field, I can tell you that when things need troubleshooting and your immediate attention it is not on anyone's agenda.
  I am thinking the Big Boys Babysitting Company does not like this going to the mail and along the way checking water filters, for leaks and such. I do not know why. It is needful things. There is water in the jail. I will admit that running water in the home is a luxury and should not be taken for granted. Yet, this Blog is about my House Arrest.
  One can even get a haircut in jail. My haircut has to wait till the bracelet is off.
  This is my 12th day on electronic monitoring, and yes, I am counting the days. I am due to have the ankle bracelet taken off April 10, 2018. I originally had 45 days @ $10.00 per day but I served 8 days in detention and only got 7 days credit. Go figure on that one. I am so glad the office in Little Rock has recognized that time as served, therefore reduced the time wearing the bracelet and $70.00.
  Being just curious I have looked everywhere to find out about the Electronic Monitoring, not to disable it nor cheat/hack it, but just curious about this thing on my ankle that has become an appendage of myself.
  My advice is to just be compliant with the ordeal and wear the damn thing. One would need a laboratory and have the knowledge of hacking sim card, phone networks and writing illicit programs outside the monitoring device and the bracelet. Each device knows when it has been tampered with and makes memos or notes in its time schedule. The police may not come to your home and snatch you up. Yet when you show up and they review your in and outs, there will be an attempted tampering event on the record. I do not know if you are arrested then or they let you walk out the door and the court is notified and that's when the LEOs show up.
   I have decided to be compliant. Yet during my initial installation, I did show a little protest. Mostly the protest from me for the cost. For $480 is a lot of money to me. Yet I did have it broken down to $410. Time served was applied.
   Some days I call the office of the electronic monitoring and they are very upset with me it seems and some days they seem pleasant as all get out. I am thinking the days when I call and they are agitated with me that the supervisor is in the same room and maybe listening or perhaps I am on speakerphone. yet there is no standard. And I find this very unprofessional like.
  I have been reviewing the 8th and 14th amendments, and I don't even believe the constitution works for common people.