Friday, June 15, 2018

Another thought

We will not change the insane things in this country or the planet with arguing. We need a new strategy, we have been showing example after example of how the right-wing bigots, racists, fake Christians, misogynists, greedy, low life, degenerate haters are destroying the world. ...and it just keeps getting exponentially successfully dire. We need to figure out a way to actually change things. The right wingers will always vote for insane like minded morons thus we will always have republicans, conservatives, tea bagging idiots fighting for the degenerate and self-serving agenda, we all need to vote to force them out, with all the redistricting, and gerrymandering there will always be republicans, but if we really make an effort to get every American out to vote we can take back the House, the Senate and keep the White House. We would need to do this every election from electing state members to our governors to our mayors. If we did this every single election we wouldn't have half the issues we have now with the obstruction, the wasting of trillions of dollars with fake outrage about this and that, we wouldn't have a government shutdown every time we kept women and children safe, we wouldn't have war at every turn due to republicans outsourcing our military to corrupt corporations like the Industrial Military Complex, Halliburton. Education wouldn't be half dead in a coma due to Republican greed and extreme ignorance, more renewable energy would be at the forefront of our energy policy, big oil and king coal wouldn't be making record profits and still getting hundreds of billions of our tax dollars in government subsidies, we wouldn't have insane and repulsive fake conspiracy theories concocted to spread the two things Republican voters hold dear to them the most . FEAR AND HATRED. eventually the party would die off, there uneducated, toothless, racist, misogynist, degenerate voters would flee the county probably join up with ISIS or Al-Qaida. The world would be a much better and loving peaceful place. Please vote these cowards outlets take our country back from the rich, the corporate scum, the lobbyists, the special interests and the degenerate who have destroyed so much already. This is something we need to do every election cycle, midterms as well. if there is an election we need to find the time to go out and vote. We can do this if we all agree on how to do it.